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06.04.14 - MTB Monster Sponsor PMBA

Dedicated mountain bike shop, MTB Monster has very generously supported PMBA by becoming our latest corporate sponsor. Living up to their claim to being passionate about mountain biking they've put their hand in their pocket and added to the PMBA coffers. SO if you're in the Clayton Le Dale area return the favour and pop in, have a mooch around and by put your hand in your pocket (although most of us don't need much encouragement in that regard). Full details as they appear in our listing section below.....more.

Volunteers working for Mountain Bikers in Lancashire and the North Pennines.

A group of riders, diggers, event organisers and trail centre rangers who've come together in the belief that putting some effort into diplomacy and digging can make the future of mountain biking in Lancashire Pennines and surrounding area even better. Mountain biking in the area has really taken off in the last few years with the likes of the developments at Lee Quarry, Gisburn Forest, Healey Nab, the Mary Towneley Loop to name but a few. The area already has a strong mountain biking community, what we need now is for that strong group of riders to come together to help shape the future  of our riding landscape and take some responsibility for what comes next. We've got the backing of Lancashire County Council, the Forestry Commission and numerous other bodies, we now need to show support for these initiatives so those with the funding don't get distracted by the current economic climate.

If you ride in the Lancashire Pennines we need your support to help secure your trails and riding future....more.

17.03.14 - PMBA First Aid Course, The Sequel

Lancashire First Aid Logo It's been three years since PMBA last organised an outdoor first aid course and the certificates of the people who attended were running out so we decided it was about time we organised another course. 

A key part of PMBA's remit is to provide background support for those people volunteering in the community whether it be trail building, organising events, guidling or running local clubs. One of the key things all these people need is first aid training. So we got in touch with our favourite first aid providers, Lancashire First Aid, and asked them if they'd run us another course. They were happy to help and even offered us a fairly substantial.....more.

21.01.14 - Empire Cycles PMBA Enduro Series 2014 Entries Open

Empire Cycles PMBA Enduro 2014 logoDates and locations for a new series of Enduro races have been confirmed. Based in the north of England - with a toe dipped into southern Scotland - the Empire Cycles/PMBA Enduro Series starts in April 2014.
Pitched as a grass roots regional series....more.

18.01.14 - Gisburn Car Parking Charges

Gisburn Parking MeterIt's taken awhile (won't bore you with the details) but parking charges are now fully in force at Gisburn Forest in all the car parks. The meters in School Lane, Cocklett Hill and The Hub went live just before Christmas with annual passes becoming available on line this week.

It costs £3.00 to park all day in any of the car parks with a reduce rate of £1.50 for stays of an hour or less (just enough time to do a lap of the bottom loop or drop into the Forest Den cafe for a coffee....more.

13.01.14 - Gisburn Volunteers 2014

Gisburn trail builders having lunchThe seventh year of Gisburn volunteer trail building got off to a good start in 2014 with 20 people turning out for the first dig day of the year, racking up 101 man hours of trail building. Pretty good considering how foul the January weather was (at least it wasn't snowing which is about the only thing that stops the building, difficult to build when you can't see the ground). Despite the evidence from the photo of the left (most of the diggers photos seem to be of people standing around having lunch....more.

23.11.13 - Gisburn Trail Builders Update

Time for an update on the Gisburn Trail Builders. Since the last update the volunteers have been pretty busy with a range of things. Repairs for the year have been completed, a new section of trail has been started, the Gisburn Enduro has been marshalled, skills tasters sessions have been run, social rides organised and a bit of fund raising on the side.

Repair work was finished for the year in the summer with a bit of resurfacing to the section of trail called Shortcut, after Homebaked. The erosion from the winter was sorted, extra drainage added (something they are doing a lot of) and the end of the trail tweaked to extend the run out from the last rocky drop over the berm.....more.

28.10.13 - PMBA's Third Anniversary

It's PMBA's third birthday so it's time for a review of what's been done in 2013 and what we're planning to do in 2014. For us 2013 has been a bit of a coming of age year. Our membership has increased significantly (if you haven't joined yet it'll take all of five minutes and cost you a fiver, you can even do it online) with now over 100 members. We've achieved a number of tangible on the ground projects, attracted funding of over ten grand and started the long process of getting some new projects off the ground. We've also become more comfortable with our role, and changed our name to reflect this (hence the subtle alteration to our logo).....more.

23.10.13 - Hope XC Series - Race 4 Report

Brownbacks Banner - Photo Daniel CowellThe race on Sunday was the conclusion of our sixth series and the weather held off to give a dry race for all. We at Brownbacks go on a lot about being a 'grassroots' organisation. There's a reason for that. We're proud of it. It's in our DNA. It's why we do what we do. We love mountain bikes and the people that ride them. Being 'grassroots' also means more....

15.10.13 - Planning Submitted for Lee Quarry Trailhead

Lee Quarry Trailhead NorthThe planning application has finally been submitted for the new trail head at Lee Quarry. The initial bidding process to find a preferred development partner, issues over the state of the reclaimed land the site is on and all the bureaucracy associated with planning applications has made the journey to formal application a long and hard one. Now it's finally in feels like a bit of a milestone and a good step closer to Lee Quarry getting the trail head it deserves. Ride On from Rawtenstall have put the plans together to build a full trail centre trail head on plot 4 of more....

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01.10.13 - Escape to Gisburn - Did You Make It?

Nigel Pilling Stage 2Sunday saw the first major mountain bike event at Gisburn in a while, and the sun shone. Borderline Events sponsored by Escape Bikes put on a 3 stage Enduro taking in key sections of the existing trails and a brand new off piste stage created just for the event. With 280 entries and over 250 turning up on the day we had a really good field of riders competing in 7 different categories.

Riders started to arrive on the Saturday as the course was being taped out, camping was available on site next to the Forest Den Cafe but the main action started on Sunday. The morning was dedicated to practice runs with most riders making a circuit of the full course followed the three timed stages in the afternoon more....


22.09.13 - Trail Sanitisation...With Jumps!

Deerplay bridlewayThe bridleway across Deerplay Moor has been improved, but thankfully this time not by dumping tonnes of loose chippings to create a two metre wide motorway. As part PMBAs Rolling Boar routes project Tony Lund has had the contractors in to sort out the section of bridleway that runs off the Mary Towneley Loop up over Thieveley Pike and beyond.

The Rolling Boar routes is a project PMBA is currently working on to create a sign posted and mapped series of routes starting and ending at the new trailhead in Lee Quarry. Work is ongoing on the ground with repairs taking place to various sections in a poor state more....

11.09.13 - Autumn Events

Racer crashingIt's autumn, the trails are damp again, the temperatures have dropped and the nights are closing in. Depressed, you shouldn't be with the range of events taking place over the next month or so. If you're missing Summer 2013 already get yourself entered for one of the following for a final outing out on the bike. In date order we have:

14th of September - Lister Lion Cyclo Cross
15th of September - The Mary Towneley loop Challenge
29th of September - Escape to Gisburn Enduro
13th of October - Brownbacks/Hope 2013 series race 4
13th of October - Calderdale Mountain Bike Marathon


07.06.13 - The Enduros are Coming & Cockhill DH Opening

'Ard Rock Enduro LogoWe've got a number of exciting new events coming across the patch in the near future. The first one is the 'Ard Rock Enduro in North Yorkshire on the 29th and 30th of June in Swaledale. Combined mountain bike Enduro and All-Mountain sportive in the stunning Yorkshire Dales National Park. The exclusive route takes in 100% natural rocky descents incorporated into a big day out in the Dales. One off access to private land means 'Ard Rock Enduro takes in gnarly, rock strewn terrain only rideable in their event. Chip timing system provided by industry leaders SportIdent. There will also be camping, a BBQ, beer and spot prizes from event sponsors Santa Cruz, Hope and Mavic.....more.

03.06.13 - Hope XC Series Race 1 Report

Mark Baker courtesy of miles. That's how far Phil Lenney (GWB-ACTIV) travelled on Sunday to take part in Round 1 of the Brownbacks Hope XC Race Series for 2013. If you're going to travel that far you might as well win the thing. And he did an incorrect choice at a course split meant that Alex Peterson (Alf Jones Race Team), who had actually crossed the line first, had to be relegated to second place. One thing Alex Peterson did prove is that he can shift on two wheels. A lightning fast first lap saw him lead out the racers. Phil wasn't far behind.....more.

13.05.13 - Rebound Suspension Sponsors PMBA / Gisburn Donations

Rebound Suspension LogoRebound Suspension, based in Bolton have become the latest local mountain bike business to support PMBA with a generous donation. Rebound, run by a mountain biker for mountain bikers offers servicing and repair for all the main forks and rear shocks including Fox, Rockshox, Marzocchi Manitou and Pace. Only using manufacturer approved parts and lubes they can typically turn around fork or shock in one to two days. A full health check is part of the service when ever a component comes in giving you the chance to get repairs done before any damage becomes costly. Rebound can also service suspension pivot bearings, adjustable seat posts shock bushes.

Their website, provides....more

30.04.13 - Trail Sanitisation, the Future?

Blue Pig - SanistisedCalderdale Council have been doing some trail improvements and improved the top of the famous Blue Pig trail that drops down from Heptonstall. It's got the folks at Singletrack Towers in a bit of a tizzy as it's on their doorstep, you can see why from the photo.

Not quite the standard of trail we've come to expect from Calderdale. The fear is the council will now go on and 'improve' the bottom section. You can read the rest of the detail on the Singletrack website.

It's not just the Singletrack team who are worried about what's happening, Bill Brady, Pennine Bridleway Ranger has some very justified fears about.....more.

16.04.13 - Gisburn Opening - By 'eck Chief it Were a Tad Damp

Cutting the tape with Hugh Clixby (who built the skills loop and snake) watchingWell we did it, Gisburn's new trails, skills loops and car park are officially open despite the weather giving it a determined second go at cancelling things again. It rained, it rained side ways, it rain upward and the wind blew but it didn't stop hundreds of people coming out to see Guy Martin cut the ribbon and declare it all open. Both Cocklet Hill car park and the new one at Stephen Park were rammed. Along with Guy, Hope Technology, long time supporters of the Gisburn Trails and sponsors of Guy Martin and PMBA, Escape Bikes and the local Mountain Rescue Team (BPMRT) came to support the opening. The Lancashire Telegraph covered the opening as did Tim Royle of Whitenosugar Productions. Tim put together one of his trade mark, quality videos of the day despite the rain killing a camera.....more.

11.04.13 - Borderline Events - Another  Sponsor for PMBA

Borderline Events LogoWe've had a rush of new members in 2013 with 50 new members signing up along with renewals from existing members. We've also had Borderline Events very generously agree to become a corporate sponsor (hence the new logo down there on the right hand side). 

Borderline are currently working up the possibility of an event at Gisburn in the near future, things are at an early.....more.

09.04.13 - PMBA AGM Thursday the 18th April

It's time for our annual general meeting again, this year to held on the 18th of April, 7pm hosted by PMBA sponsor Rossendale Pennine Adventure at Ye Old Boot and Shoe in Waterfoot, Rossendale.

We want to make this a social and informative affair with as many members and supporters there as possible and so will be minimising the meeting stuff. We intend to focus on some presentations that will show what is going on trailwise in the area and what might be.....more.

05.04.2013 - It's On, It's Off, It's On -Gisburn New Trails Opening

The blizzard conditions put pay to the planned opening of the new trails on the 23rd of March, even if we could have got to the forest which was dubious we would have struggled to find the t rails under the drifts. Well we've got it all rearranged with Hope and Mr Guy Martin and we're going to have another go at officially opening the new car park, trails and skills loops.

Sunday the 14th of April.....more.

04.04.2013 Brownbacks 2013

The Hope XC Series is back for 2013! Brownbacks Racing are delighted to announce the return of their highly-acclaimed Hope Technology cross country race series for 2013. Now in its fifth year, this is grassroots mountain bike racing at its very best. And once again, we bring you the best in partnership with the best; our series sponsor, Hope Technology and our good friends at Leisure Lakes, Big Bear Bikes and many others....more.

05.03.16 - New Gisburn Trails & Car Park - Grand Opening

It's been a long time coming but we've finally beaten the weather and the opening of the new trail, car park and skills loops is going to happen on Saturday the 23rd of March. There's a bit of do planned with a number of activities to mark the opening along with a super celeb to come and officially open the trails by cutting something (brake hose, gear cable, hazard tape). 

On the Saturday the fencing will come down and you'll be able to park in the new car park, next to the new skills loops, connected to the existing trails by a couple of kilometres of new singletrack. Also opening properly will be the Forest Den cafe based at Stephen Park and a 2 minute walk from the new car park.....more

01.03.13 - Lee Quarry Bike Rack Controversy!

'Bounce' sculptural bike rackControversy has been stirred up by the approval of a planning application by Rossendale Borough Council for a new sculptural bike rack at the entrance to Futures Park, marking the gateway to Lee Quarry. The rack, which is intended to complement the other sculptures in Lee Quarry, is designed to provide safe storage of bikes for riders using Poppies Cafe across the road. The rack is designed to take D locks and be in full view of the cafe so riders can keep an eye on their pride and joy.

Robin Dobson, an artist from Sheffield, has worked with Rossendale Borough Council to come up with the concept design for the rack. The sculpture titled 'Bounce' is....more.

25.02.13 - PMBA Features on

Our fame and influence is spreading far and wide (alright we just get around a bit), to the extent we've been featured on the national website The site focusing on the trails rather than the kit, MTB personalities and bikes is rapidly becoming a one stop shop for trail info, helping you to get the most out of the ever expanding riding opportunities across the UK.

When we got an email last week asking us if we'd be up for a chat and answer a few questions about who we are and what we do we thought it would have been rude not to. Part of our core goal is to gain recognition and link up with others in the MTB world so not being shy of talking about what we do we got stuck in. Here's a taster from the article.....more.

07.01.13 - When's a Trail Centre not a Trail Centre? Lee Quarry & Beyond

Rolling Boar RoutesAbout eighteen months ago an idea started to form off the back of comments being made on forums about riders who only ever visit trail centres, who miss out on the joys of natural trail riding. We've nothing against trail centres, they're great and we'd love to see more, but there is another side to riding a lot of people don't see. It started us wondering why some people only ride trail centres, is it not having to navigate from a map, is it having facilities at the start and end of a ride, is it wanting to know the route is rideable, is it lack of local knowledge. Well it's more than likely a combination of all these things plus a little bit of fear of the unknown.....more.

06.11.12 - Lee Quarry Trail Head Hub

Lee Quarry Sign at the entrance to Futures ParkThings are progressing really well with the plans for the new trail head hub for Lee and Cragg Quarries. Ride On in Rawtenstall have come through the initial stages of the Rossendale Borough Council selection process submitting a top quality development bid, beating off a number of other submissions, to secure preferred bidder status. The criteria to determine the successful bid was varied and complex but included obvious things such as value for money but also took into account what the bidder was proposing to do to put something back into the trails so we didn't just end up with a retail outlet making money off the back of all the hard work and investment that Lancs CC and Tony Lund have put into making the quarries such a successful venue. P.M.B.A. fully endorses the selection of Ride On as the preferred bidder given the shop teams close personal ties with the local riding scene as well as the continued practical support they've put into the quarry developments.....more.

25.10.12 - Gisburn on NorthWest Tonight

Gisburn Forest was featured on BBC NorthWest Tonight and not necessarily for the right reasons. The phenomenal success of the new trails (50,000 visitors a year can't be wrong) has brought with it the unwelcome side affect of people needing rescuing having crashed. Bowland and Pennine Mountain Rescue have had 10 mountain bike related call outs this year alone, accounting for nearly thirty percent of their total callouts. The latest one at the start of the 8 prompted the TV article. This increased workload is now putting some strain on the team. In addition to BPMRT the Cave Rescue Organisation has also regularly attended mountain bike incidents in the forest and of course we've all heard the air ambulance flying in as we've been riding.....more.

18.10.12 - New Sponsors for P.M.B.A.

Riverdene Group Accomodation CentreHopefully you'll have noticed some additional logos down the right hand side of this page as a few more local businesses have very generously put their hands in their pockets and stumped up some cash to keep P.M.B.A. on the road.

Riverdene Group Accomodation Centre, situated in the heart of Calderdale, provides an ideal location to explore the famous trails and bridleways around Hebden Bridge and further afield. Located.....more.

11.10.12 - It's been great guys , but Brownback's next year may not happen!

Brownbacks logoThe Brownback's organising team are seriously feeling the strain and desperately need some new blood to keep the race series alive in 2013. The last race of the season is this Sunday but if we don't want it to be the last race full stop a few more people need to step up and take on some of the work load. The following was posted on Singletrackworld this week. 

"Itís getting to that time of year when whatís going to happen next year gets sorted. In our case we wonít be able to put on an XC series in 2013. Why is this? Essentially we need a large group to share the load and to make sure that we can safely hold events in one of the most challenging venues around. We are all volunteers and as such have many higher priorities which we have been compromising since 2009. Unfortunately in 2013 itís clear that we need new people (at least 3 or 4) to commit their time and energy to keeping this going.....more.

05.10.12 - Calderdale Mountain Bike Marathon

Calderdale Mountain Bike Marathon logoJust a quick reminder the annual Calderdale Mountain Bike Marathon is happening on Sunday the 14th of October. The marathon, which is run by and in aid of the 24th St Paul's Scout Group, is a great event which whilst not a race (it takes in many of the local bridleways and racing on those is very naughty) is at the least testing personal challenge, especially the final tarmac hill. Taking in some stunning Calderdale scenery including Hardcastle Crags and Midgley Moor the event starts and finishes in Sowerby. The 26 mile route (it is a marathon) encompasses 3800ft of climbing on a variety of terrain from tarmac to wheel sucking mud and just about everything in between. An average time for completion is around the 3.5 hour mark.....more.

30.08.12 - Hope XC Series Race 3 This Sunday the 2nd

Brownbacks logoAfter the summer break for the series when some other "minor" sporting events were being held the Hope XC series is back with another edition in our 2012 series. Race 2 ran in demanding conditions at Lee Quarry but both the course and the 135 riders held up against the rain and wind and.....more.

29.08.12 - Up The Buttress

Up the Buttress PosterThe annual 'Up the Buttress' hill climb in Hebden bridge is set for the beginning of September. Up the Buttress, which is being sponsored by Singletrack magazine, Orange bikes and Blazing saddles amongst others, sounds like a road event as it is technically on a road. It's just a very steep road (it has hand rails) and is cobbled, four hundred yards of cobbles. It's this that makes mountain bikes the steed of choice although any and all bikes are acceptable if you think you can get to the top. The event is open to beginner as well as those with a more massochistic bent who do these things regularly. All entrants receive a goodie bag / sick bag and the right to be heckled by the crowd when they get off and push.....more.

05.08.12 - P.M.B.A. Needs You

PMBA LogoP.M.B.A. needs more members to strengthen our voice and make sure the needs of the ever growing number of riders locally are taken into account. We have more than 1300 unique visitors to the website each month and nearly 700 members on the Facebook page but only a fraction of you have signed up.

Why should you? Well the more pukka members we have the more seriously we get taken by the powers that be, this is the main reason behind the membership fee of £ 5 per year. If someone's prepared to put their hand in their pocket (for this rather modest membership cost) it shows some commitment to what we're doing and requires a little more effort than just clicking a 'Like' button.

The membership fees also helps keep the wheels turning, our outgoings are relatively small but we do have costs, hosting this website being one of them.....more.

23.07.12 - New Wind Farm Proposed above Lee Quarry

Wind Farm ProposalA significant extension to the wind farm on to the south west of Lee Quarry is currently going through the consultation phase with potential for another 20 turbines being added to the already sizeable development on Scout Moor.

The previous turbines went in before Lee and Cragg were opened as the superb mountain biking venues that we now have and largely had no impact on the trails (visually impact aside but that's another argument). The current proposal is different and will impact on the both the Mary Towneley Loop and the link between Lee and Cragg Quarries.

As can be seen from the map (PMBA members can download a more detailed .pdf version of the map by clicking on it) Rooley Moor Road which the Mary Towneley Loop runs straight through the middle of this new development. The link between Lee Quarry and Cragg Quarry is also likely to impacted with one of the turbines being situated very close to it's existing route.....more.

26.06.12 - Mountain Bike Orienteering at Lee Quarry this Weekend

British Mountain Bike Orienteering LogoBritish Mountain Bike Orienteering are holding a round of the Mountain Bike Orienteering British Sprint Championships at Lee and Cragg Quarry this Saturday, the 30th of June. The event is designed to test both navigational and biking skills and can provide an enjoyable recreational ride or provide a challenging and competitive sprint. 

There's also a 'come and try it event' being held in Lee Quarry for those who are new to mountain bike orienteering and fancy giving it a try. Anybody can come and take part in this event and there will be experts on hand to give first-timers some advice.

This is the first time this event has been held in the quarries, the variety of terrai.....more.

21.06.12 - Cycle Addicts Sponsor P.M.B.A.

Cycle Addicts LogoCycle Addicts in Rochdale have become P.M.B.A.'s latest corporate sponsor. Cycle Addicts opened their doors in late April and have hit the ground running (or possibly riding) and business is booming. David Brown owner and head mechanic is keen to support the biking community through the services and brands he offers through the shop but also jumped at the chance to support P.M.B.A. in a tangible way...more.

13.06.12 - Singletrack Weekender - 1 Month To Go

Shimano SIngletrack Weekender LogoOne month to go until the Weekend(er) of the year! 

A weekend of XC, Trials and Downhill racing. Three different races. One bike (yep, each race must be completed on the same bike). The ultimate 'all rounder' event. The weekend of July 14-15 sees the Singletrack magazine Classic Weekender being run for the fourth time. It'll be the second year the event will be sponsored by Shimano.....more.

31.05.12 - Hope XC Series Race 1 Report

Derek Hunter - Photo by Daniel CowellComing back for it's 5th series in four years Under clear blue skies 108 riders lined up to take on the demanding trails of Lee Quarry. The recent good weather had left the quarry dry and dusty and a light breeze provided some much needed relief in the summer heat.

Lining up on the steep start climb the excitement was palpable as riders waiting for the siren and the rush forward into the quarry. Standing head and shoulders above the other riders are the singlespeeders a breed of riders who strip away the technology and take mountain biking back to a pure experience where reading the trails and fighting gravity with legs.....more.

17.05.12 - New Trail at Hurstwood Reservoir

Hurstwood TrailWell strictly speaking the new trail at Hurstwood reservoir has been open for a couple of months but we've now got a trail guide up on the site with all the key information you need.

The trail at Hurstwood is currently very short totalling around a kilometre of trail with a 600m fire road return to start. If you're just starting out with your mountain bike or you've got a younger MTBer in the family it's an ideal place to get some confidence riding a man made trail, getting to grips with short slopes and berms. Not overly technical but flowing beautifully the trail will put a smile on your face. Also an ideal place for those starting out their mountain biking adventures to get a taster of what man made trails can offer......more.

14.05.12 - Free Coaching with the Hope XC Series Thanks to Brownbacks

Brownbacks LogoCoaching makes a difference to riders of all abilities but it has the most impact on the less experienced riders who are new to the sport. For these riders learning how to do the basics right creates a great skills foundation on which to build. The organising team of the Hope XC Series are especially keen to attract the less experienced rider into racing at our low key grass roots series so we have pulled together a unique offer. Essentially it's simple, enter the series and we will help you to ride smoother and faster and give you the confidence to race not just ride our courses. We have lined up 3 qualified coaches supported by an experienced coach educator to deliver a structured coaching package to turn riders into racers. Up to four days of coaching will be available and on each day a set of structured sessions will be delivered. Do one day or do four, your riding will improve.....more.

10.05.12 - Pennine Bridleway Guided Rides

Bill Brady and riders on a guided MTL ride.Bill Brady has just sent us this years program of guided rides taking in the the Pennine Bridleway and some of the other great riding available in and around the Lancashire Pennines.

Bill is the Pennine Bridleway ranger covering the Mary Towneley Loop and beyond so if you want to ride the routes with someone who really knows them he's you man. If that's not enough Lee & Cragg Quarries legend Tony Lund will also supporting some of the rides.

Five guided rides have been planned:

  • Mary Towneley Loop - Wednesday 20th June 2012
  • .....more.

23.04.12 - Free Car Parking for Volunteers at Gisburn & Beyond

Gisburn MTB Trails LogoWork is now underway on the new car park at Gisburn with the area having been marked out and cleared of trees. The power lines running along the road have now been buried and the telegraph poles removed and a significant amount of stone has been dug out up in the quarry for surfacing the new area. The forestry team were out brashing through the route of the new singletrack links last week in preparation for the trail building contractors coming on site this week.

Car parking charges will come into force once the new car park is completed (the pay and display machine was delivered last July!). Charges are being set at a very reasonable rate of £3 per day with monies raised going back into trail maintenance and.....more.

22.04.12 - Colne Valley MTB Challenge....more.

20.04.12 - Hope Cross Country Race Series 2012: It's Back and Open For Entries!....more.

10.04.12 - CTC Leads Mountain Bike Rides....more.

25.03.12 - Mary Towneley Loop Repairs.....more.

25.02.12 - Gisburn Forest Car Park Is Go.....more.

23.02.12 - London 2012 hopeful to host Mountain Bike Masterclass at Lee Quarry.....more.

22.02.12 - ACCESS 101 .....more.

19.02.12 - New Lee Quarry Trailhead.....more.

16.02.12 - Temporary Gisburn Trail Closures.....more.

14.02.12 - P.M.B.A. Update......more.

20.12.11 - Lee Quarry Dirt School - Available to Book NOW.....more

17.12.12 - Gisburn Forest Update.....more.

12.12.11 - British XC Olympic Team Train At Lee Quarry.....more.

07.12.11 - Haglofs Open 5 at Lee Quarry Event Report.....more.

25.11.11 - Right's of Way Upgrade - Darwen.....more.

23.11.11 - Dale Trails Become PMBA Sponsor.....more.

18.11.11 - Dirt School Comes to Lee Quarry.....more.

15.11.11 - Gisburn Forest Wins MBR Readers Trail of the Year......more.

13.11.11 - Rossendale Cycle Forum Meeting Minutes.....more.

11.11.11 - Open5 Series Comes to Lee Quarry.....more.

08.11.11 - Mountain Biking Access E-Petition......more.

05.11.11 - Lancashire Cycling Strategy Workshop.....more.

26.10.11 - MBR Online Trail Centre Poll.....more.

23.10.11 - Gisburn Update.....more.

22.10.11 - Rossendale Pennine Adventure Free Trail Divas Rides.....more.

18.10.11 - SingletrAction Chainless Challenge Report.....more.

16.10.11 - New Rossendale Cycle Forum.....more.

07.10.11 - HOPE XC SERIES RACE 4 (2nd October) REPORT.....more.

04.10.11 - Rossendale Pennine Adventure Opens for Business.....more.

12.09.11 - Healey Nab Update & Dig Day.....more.

07.09.11 - Tim Royle Video 'Gisburn Forest - The new Hope Trail'.....Video.

05.09.11 - Chase Trails are in the FINAL of the National Lottery Awards.....more.

29.08.11 - Hope Freeride Trail and Other Gisburn News....more.

26.08.11 - Lee Quarry Update.....more.

24.08.11 - SingletrAction Chainless Challenge.....more.

22.08.11 - HOPE XC SERIES RACE 3 (21st August) REPORT.....more.

15.08.11 - Brownbacks Donate to the Mountain Rescue.....more.

05.08.11 - RPMRT Mary Towneley Loop Challenge.....more

01.08.11 - Lee Quarry Plans Visitor Centre (online survey).....more.

31.07.11 - HOPE XC SERIES RACE 1 (24th July) REPORTmore.

28.07.11 - Pennine Bike Park -  A new Centre is Born?.....more.

27.07.11 - Gisburn Mid Week Digs.....more.

17.07.11 - PMBA Online Membership is Here.....more.

12.07.11 - P.M.B.A. at The Singletrack Weekender.....more.

06.07.11 - New Map for Lee and Cragg Quarries.....more.

03.07.11 - Gisburn Gets Planning Permission For Extra Facilities.....more.

02.07.11 - Manchester Mountain Bikers Become Founder Members.....more.

01.07.11 - Hope XC Series 4 Race Dates.....more

29.06.11 - Billinge Hill Unauthorised Trail Building.....more. 

21.06.11 - Gisburn Facilities Expansion - Your Views Needed....more.

15.06.11 - Hope XC Series Race 1 (5th June) ReportT.....more

06.06.11 - Massively Subsidised Bikeability Training.....more.

05.06.11 - Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue At Gisburn.....more.

31.05.11 - Lee Quarry Complex Expansion Plans.....more.

17.05.11 - Hope / Brownbacks Free Coaching.....more.

13.05.11 - Gisburn Forest News.....more.

11.05.11 - PMBA First Aid Training.....more.

05.05.11 - Entries for Hope XC Series 2011 Now Open.....more.

26.04.11 - Expansion Plans for Gisburn Forest.....more.

22.04.11 - Hope XC Race Series 2011 Launches.....more.

21.04.11 - MTB Commissaire Course.....more.

19.04.11 - Lee Quarry Update.....more

07.04.11 - Lee Quarry Repair Dig Day.....more.

06.04.11 - Gisburn Repairs Updates.....more.

03.04.11 - PMBA First Aid Course.....more.

31.03.11 - PMBA Founder Members.....more.

28.03.11 - Website Update - Events Calendar.....more.

26.03.11 - Riders needed at Lee Quarry to be on the Telly.....more.

21.03.11 - Lee & Cragg Update.....more.

17.03.11 - Pay and Display is Coming to Gisburn.....more

15.03.11 - Singletrack Weekender Entries Now Open.....more.

06.03.11 - Cyclejunkies Raffle Result.....more.

03.03.11 - Dig Day at Gisburn, New Trail Section.....more.

18.02.11 - Construction Underway in Lee & Cragg Quarries.....more

13.02.11 - New Trail Section Open at Gisburn.....more.

12.02.11 - MBR Trail Review.....more.

06.02.11 - New Website......more.

05.02.11 - British Cycling at Lee Quarry..... more.

01.02.11 - New Trails Planned at Gisburn.....more.

09.01.11 - Gisburn Update.....more.


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