British Cycling at Lee Quarry

Published on: Feb 05 2011 by Jon Swift

British CyclingThis Saturday 5th Feb we have some members of the British Cycling xc team including Liam Killeen amongst others coming to do a bit of a PR exercise with local politicians for us. BC are using the quarry for training at the moment which is brilliant and I’m really keen to encourage it and in return they are providing us with a photo BC Logo opportunity. Because of the Olympic link we seem to have quite a few local politicians turning up and I’m really keen that while they are there they see mountain biking as a positive and popular thing. So if you by chance have any free time Saturday morning please come and have a ride round at Lee Quarry the busier the site is Saturday morning the better! It might help persuade our politicians that these sort of projects are worth supporting and there is a good demand for them.

The British Cycling guys will be busy doing some coaching with the local kids mountain bike club by all means stop by and say hi but please let them have time with the kids club I’m hoping it will be really inspiring for the local kids to go out for a ride with the BC team.

Our little event with BC and the councillors starts at about 9.30 through till mid day. So if you fancy coming along and giving a bit of support just by having a ride round please do so.

Also we are starting construction on some new trails and repairing the current ones next week!

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