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Published on: Feb 06 2011 by Jon Swift

New Website postAfter months of discussions P.M.B.A. have finally got a prototype website up and running. It’s still very much a work in progress and will have more content and new sections added as the months progress. We want the site to be a centre for news about what we’re doing, what’s happening mountain bike wise across the Pennines and generally the first place you go to check out the rumours you’ve heard on one of the forums. Beyond that we also want the site to provide information on the local volunteers groups, upcoming events and most crucially where to ride locally. We intend to have a download section where you can access pdf maps of routes and trail centres and also hopefully .gpx files for those of you flash enough to have a GPS unit. If there’s anything you’d like to see on the site or you spotted a dodgy link then please feel free to let us know at or via the Contact Us page, we’ve even got our own email address. In the meantime check back regularly as this news section should be updated weekly if not more frequently and we’ll post details of events and routes as we get them.

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