Construction Underway in Lee & Cragg Quarries

Published on: Feb 18 2011 by Jon Swift

Lee Quarry Digger

Yet more trails and a second bigger pump track are under construction in Lee Quarry with additional trails to follow in Cragg Quarry as well. The works are once again being carried out by Rowan Sorrels team and PMBA sponsors Back On Track. Works going well but it’s not yet finished or rideable. The trails need time to bed in so heed the words of the man himself, Tony Lund.

Back on Track have been doing some excellent work for us this week new pumptrack is coming on a treat, bigger and better than the last one with loads on lines on it. But it is still under construction please keep off for now and shout at anyone you do see on it for me please! Some repair work has been carried out to the tabletops and various bits of trail again some of it still needs compacting down and if it has tape across the trail please stay off!

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