Dig Day at Gisburn, New Trail Section

Published on: Mar 03 2011 by Jon Swift

This Sunday, the 13th of March sees the start of a new section trail at Gisburn. After much discussion and a walk through a boggy section of woods in the drizzle 3 weeks ago it was decided that the next section to be tackled should be again on the lower loop to remove yet more fire road and this time extend rather than shorten the overall loop. There’s a rather wasteful downhill fireroad section before you get to the first of the blue graded sections towards the end of the the trail, heading back to Cocklett Hill carpark. We’re planning to bypass this and put in some flowy pumpy singletrack.

Gisburn New Trail 2011

All we need to do now is build it and for that we need diggers on the ground. We’ll be meeting in the forest at 10:00 am on Sunday, tools and brews will be provided as will gloves, all you need to do is turn up and get stuck in. If you’re interested just email us at contactus@pmba.org.uk and we’ll add you to the mailing list for Gisburn and answer any questions you’ve got. Map of the meeting point is below, click the pic for a bigger map. If you ride Gisburn and haven’t been out for a dig day yet now’s a good time to make the effort and be part of this latest trail, you might even get to drive one of these.

Gisburn Forest power carrier

There should also be a prize for the person to fall in the river although Terry has already come close to claiming that honour, twice. What that prize will be depends on the amusement value of the fall.

Meet Point March 2011

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