Cyclejunkies Raffle Result

Published on: Mar 06 2011 by Jon Swift

Avid CodesFor those of you who didn’t know (and the question is why not) the Cyclejunkies have been running a raffle for the last few weeks to win a fantastic set of Avid Code brakes they managed to wangle out of someone. They held the raffle at the Dog & Partridge pub in Tosside today and the lucky winner was Cooter, pictured right with his shiny winnings.

They raised £ 142 which they have very kindly donated to Pennine Mountain Bike Action. To put that into context it’s another 15 tonnes on limestone chippings, enough to surface a couple of hundred metres of trail.

Cycle Junkies raffle winnerThe Cyclejunkies are an online and real world community of riders and trail builders. They tend to lean towards the gravity assisted side of riding but don’t let that put you off . They’ve helped build much of the down stuff at Gisburn, shifted tonnes of gravel last year to repair Hully Gully and have been putting in the hours laying the lead in trail for the new Freeride section that Hope are sponsoring. They’re currently building some Northshore in a secret location. Oh and they ride as well.

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