Pay and Display is Coming to Gisburn

Published on: Mar 17 2011 by Jon Swift

Pay and displayIt’s always been on the cards but it looks like pay and display will be coming to Cocklet Hill car park in the near future. Martin had always hoped to hold off until the new car park and skills area had been built but the need for trail funds is pressing (more on the progress of the plans for this development to follow as soon as we get them). Charges should not be punitive and will hopefully be in the range of £ 2 to £ 3 pounds rather than the £ 6 to £ 7 seen at places like Whinlatter. There will also possibly be a reduced rate for anyone staying under an hour. That’s the bad news. The good news is that volunteers will be able to earn an annual pass and revenues from the parking will be channeled into trail building and repairs.

Three hundred tonnes of gravel were delivered to forest last week and situated in strategic locations to allow trail repairs to carried out and to support the latest section the volunteers have just started to build. The FC guys are planning to start some trail repair work in the very near future. First on the list is likely to be the old singletrack section after Hully Gully between the stream crossings. It’s amazing how quickly a ribbon of singletrack has degenerated into a four lane rut fest over the winter. The FC guys just need to finish the last of the winter tree planting (70,000 trees has taken a while to get in) and they’ll be onto the repairs. In addition the volunteers have eyes on getting the start of Homebaked back up to scratch although we haven’t yet got a date pencilled in for that. If you want to lend us a hand email us at or have a look at the Gisburn Volunteer page.

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