Lee & Cragg Update

Published on: Mar 21 2011 by Jon Swift

Jump from digger Lee QuarryUpdate from Tony Lund: New sections of trail at Lee and Cragg Quarries are finished, Rowan and Back on Track will be back in June for a few days to do a bit of snagging so there will be an opportunity to make some changes and modify sections then if required.

Feedback from people is mixed quite a few have said some of the new sections are too difficult, possibly they just mean different and they need more practice on them! There will be an opportunity to modify stuff in June when Back on Track are back for a few days so we’d like feedback from riders in case any changes are needed ( contactus@pmba.org.uk ). The large drops near the pump track are causing some people some concern but they have been built to that design with the sharp right hand turn immediately after them at the request of the British Cycling xc coach for training his riders on. They are difficult but they are meant to be! They are also meant to be ridden on an xc bike! People may need to to be realistic about their abilities and if in doubt practice on some of the easier stuff first and perhaps get some coaching from Great Rock, Trailmotions or another training company. Tony says he for one will not be attempting them! (well he might give the smaller one a go when no one is looking!)

We have had problems keeping people off the new sections before they have bedded in properly so some of them have become a bit rutted. Tony would like to hold a dig day up in Lee Quarry on Sunday 17th April. The idea being to get a group together to sort out all the ruts. The material should have been down long enough by then to have dried out pretty well so if we go over it again with rakes, spades and some wacker plates we should be able remove most of the ruts and get it in good shape before the Easter holidays. There will be more on this dig day to come so check back here for details.

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