Lee Quarry Update

Published on: Apr 19 2011 by Jon Swift

Lee Quarry Berm TapeLee Quarry is too dry, not a common complaint but ironically the case when we were repairing trails last Sunday. A good turn out of people including a fair contingent of Cyclejunkies braved the blistering heat to make repairs to the pump track and plug a mysterious hole in one of the berms on the new pump line. The repairs proved to be a messy affair as we had to drag mud and water up from one of the ponds in the quarry. Seemed to work though as people were riding the line within an hour of us finishing (despite the three sets of cones and red & white tape!!!).

With the ground being too dry to wacker plate properly the weather was too good to waste so a few of us including Tony rode over to Cragg Quarry which is currently in superb condition, very dry (Tony reckons a little too dry!). The new sections are riding really well and are a great addition. Coming back down the link road was interesting but had to wait while we watched the rangers and police on motorbikes catch a couple of MXers crossing the moor below Rooley Moor Road. Well actually they didn’t have to catch them as they managed to get their bikes stuck in a bog, I think their day got considerable worse when they realised 10 people in police uniforms and hi-vis jackets were watching them. All the manpower out shows how seriously both the council rangers and police are taking the issue of illegal off road riding. In fact up until that point they hadn’t seen anyone out on motor bikes which tallies with the over all reduction in the problem so many thanks to them for their efforts.

Lee Quarry Reapir Tools

The link route back down was interesting, particularly with a police motorbike on your tail (we were disappointed he didn’t try any of the jumps) especially as the surface was rather loose and had quite a few large stones on the surface. The good news is the contractors are back in this week to crush the surface to a finer finish and top up a few thin spots so it should be all good for the bank holidays.

Final treat, a quick video of Chris Akrigg on the pump track, don’t try this at home, or on the pump track for that matter.

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