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Published on: May 13 2011 by Jon Swift

Gisburn Climb RepairsCouple of things to report, trail repairs, extra dig day and a video of Ed Oxley skipping.

We’re having an extra dig day on the 29th of May to carry on with work on the cross country trail extension. More details can be found in the events section and on the Gisburn Volunteers page. More swoopyness on the new line has been requested, unfortunately this means cutting a path through a large patch of blackthorn, unfortunately the recent First Aid course arranged by PMBA didn’t cover blackthorn injuries.

Gisburn Hully Gulley RepairRepair work has now been finished on the climb up to the crag, it’s a bit smooth at the moment but will soon bed in and become more natural in feel. It’s cost quite a lot to have contractors in to do this work and really shows the commitment to the trails by the local FC guys. They’ve also been doing some repair work on Hully Gully themselves and have additional plans to tackle some of the issues up below Whelpstone Crag which definitely needs a little TLC.

Gisburn Hope Drop OffDrop off on the Hope Line Gisburn ForestWork is also progressing well on the Hope Freeride section. The contractors have been in and some of the large features have now been built including a fantastic sweeping berm, table tops and some drops offs. Even better Hope have now agreed to extend the trail further, all the way down to the bottom fire road which is fantastic news. The video below shows Ed Oxley and Tim Gridley riding the new table tops. For more info go to Ed’s blog at Just bear in mind it’s still a work in progress and needs time to bed in (plus at the moment it leads you into a bog, not that I’ve got any direct personal experience of this…..)

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