Lee Quarry Complex Expansion Plans

Published on: May 31 2011 by Jon Swift

Facit Quarry

Plans to extend the Lee Quarry Trail network over into nearby Facit Quarry are a step closer this week after site meetings were held to discuss the proposed trails.

Tony Lund said:

New trail building at Facit Quarry is progressing more slowly than I had hoped for I had a site meeting with new ecologist and forestry officers (previous ones have been lost to voluntary redundancy) last week. Meeting was very positive but it has highlighted some more information which is required for the site, location of badger sets etc before it can go to planning.

Yes you did read correctly about the forestry officer, Facit Quarry contains a lot more foliage than the other two quarries and should add another dimension to riding in the ever growing complex of trails.

Also progressing well is the feasibility study being conducted into a permanent hub come visitor centre come bike shop etc. for Lee Quarry. The consultants carrying out the study are apparently ‘very switched on to what’s required and are asking a lot of the right questions.’ Hopefully this will lead to more than just another report on a shelf.

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