Brownbacks Hope XC Series 4 Race Dates

Published on: Jul 01 2011 by Jon Swift

BrownbacksRace 2 is fast approaching so get ready for a new course and more fun in the quarry. Race 1 saw some of the new trails built to train the British Cycling XC squad testing the riders and we have more new stuff to introduce in race 2.

Coaching: Our coaching offer is still open. If you are a Have-a-go category rider (including the Weekend Warriors moving down after a bit of a shock on the 5th ) and take up a series entry you can get access to our remaining training day on the 30th July. We have some gushing comments on our Facebook page from riders who took up the offer early and attended day 1, day 2 we hope will be bigger and better with Belinda Tarling joining Mark Grange as one of our guest coaches. If you have paid for race 1 we will sort out a refund if you pay the full series entry. T&C’s apply but essentially it’s free and you even get the famous Poppies Café carrot cake (and lunch) thrown in as well. More details here.

Coaching Scholarships: We are investigating the potential for gaining funding for a group of Brownbacks riders who want to coach others to take them through the British Cycling system from the beginning with Level 2 Go-Ride developing on to Level 2 MTB XC with exceptional candidates being put forward for the Level 3 MTB XC when it becomes available. We will also ensure there is adequate support to make sure you get qualified and develop post qualification via coach educators such as Mark and Belinda. Why do this? We want to develop a pool of qualified coaches to develop riders in our series and we want to be able to offer this to all standards of rider with the aim of being able to support individual coaching of talented riders new to the XC race scene. The British Cycling system is focused on coaching rather than map reading and group management halfway up a mountain and hence is the model we aim to use. Got the skills? Get a buzz when you pass them on? Prepared to put the work in to get qualified and to coach others? Then get in touch we want 14-16 riders who think they can make a difference.

Trade team competition: we are keen to see some more shop/ trade teams taking on this competition before it turns into a Big Bear Bikes/ Leisure Lakes grudge match. The competition is “just for fun” and only needs one “employed” rider with ringers welcome. Do you want to ride for your shop? Then ask them to send the junior member of staff to qualify you. Remember it’s bragging rights for a year and a great trophy for behind the counter.

BuffBUFF Marshals: Don’t forget our great Buff sponsorship for our marshalling team, if you marshal for us as well as the rest of the goodies you get a great Buff to protect you from the elements (only once though). We know how important it is to the safety of riders that we have adequate marshalling so we need your support to find more. We look after our marshals better than any other event around and so racers can be assured that anyone they beg, bribe, cajole, blackmail to help us will be looked after. Interested? Email £50 prize draw, loads of other draw prizes and you get fed and watered (and the all important hi-viz vest, yellow flag, voucher for the burger van and radio).

Remember massive discounts for pre-entry so don’t delay, pay today!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @brownbacks and we are now on Facebook as well. We’ll be doing some special draws for our followers so follow us today!

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