Pennine Bike Park – A new Centre is Born?

Published on: Jul 28 2011 by Jon Swift

PBP LogoA new company has been founded ‘with the vision and objective of creating a World-class mountain bike facility in Northern England’. It’s early days but from what PMBA have gleaned from Tom Raveglia, the man behind this exciting new development it has the potential to really add something new to the riding venues in the Lancashire Pennines. More gravity orientated than the other trail centres in the area an uplift service looks to be a key component of what’s being planned.

Bike PArkIt’s all rather early in the development process at the moment although a potential site has been identified but at this stage due to the sensitivities of getting buy in from key people such as the land owner and planners we’re going to have to keep that secret. Suffice to say there is plenty of downhill potential as the site is definitely on the side of a hill.

P.M.B.A. are working with Tom to help get this idea off the ground, we’ll keep you posted as things develop or pop across to Pennine Bike Park’s brand new website. [DEAD Link Removed May 2015]

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