Lee Quarry Plans Visitor Centre (audience participation needed)

Published on: Aug 01 2011 by Jon Swift

indoor pump trackIt’s long overdue but the wheels are now in motion with a feasibility study on building a visitor centre at Futures Park at the bottom of Lee Quarry. There’s a range of facilities being considered including the obvious car park and toilets as well as more ambitious possibilities such as a bike shop, cafe, showers and even an indoor pump track!

Tony Lund, the driving force behind the whole Lee & Cragg developments is working with consultants PlaceFirst helping to push the feasibility study forward. PlaceFirst are specialist consultants who provide sustainable economic development and regeneration advice to local government, councils, developers and the not for profit sector.

We all know we want the centre at Lee & Cragg quarries to get better, we know what sort of facilities we want, we need to let the powers that be know what we want as well. To make sure they get your input take five minutes to fill out the online survey that’s been created to generate feedback on what’s actually wanted by the riders. Obviously with Tony being a key member of P.M.B.A. we’ll be putting our two penneth in but for this to really take off the more people responding to the survey, the more the need for greater facilities will be recognised.

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