Lee Quarry Update

Published on: Aug 28 2011 by Jon Swift

Lee Quarry Update

Lee Quarry Update

Couple of snippets of news regarding developments at Lee Quarry. The consultation survey for the proposed visitor centre has now been closed. Consultants, PlaceFirst received over 300 completed surveys which was excellent. Thank you very much to all of you who submitted your views whether positive or negative. The process of analysing all the feedback has now started so it can be incorporated into a larger, more wide ranging report later in the year. There were certainly a wide range of opinions expressed and some very lively debate was generated on the forums such as SingletrackWorld and BikeRadar. A couple of quotes for the threads:

‘For me the riding comes first. It can have the best visitor centre/car park/toilets/showers etc in the world, but I wouldn’t visit a trail centre twice if the riding was below par.’

‘Support Lee Quarry, an excellent place, that just need s some facilities.’

‘Can/could the area sustain a VC/bikeshop?’

‘There is a (selfish) part of me that doesn’t want it to get too busy and commercialised too.’

‘The biggest thing LQ needs is some proper secure parking.’

‘a car park at the top of that big ass hill would be best.’

‘The place is crying out for a decent car park, and at a minimum, a visitor centre with cafe and bogs.’

And the final comment…

‘I can’t believe there are people who don’t want cake after riding. Shocked’

In other news things are progressing rather slowly with the planned trail developments across into Facit Quarry. Tony’s waiting on a special badger report before he’s in a position to submit a plannning application. The report though is unfortunately taking sometime to come together but Tony is stilling pushing things forward despite picking up a number of other responsibilities in the recent rounds of reorganisations in Lancashire County Council. On a more positive note though Rossendale Borough Council is making more encouraging noises and seems to be realising the potential of Lee Quarry and the surrounding area has for mountain biking.

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