Gisburn Update

Published on: Oct 23 2011 by Jon Swift

GisburnXCExitThings are continuing to develop at Gisburn, albeit slowly for some of the projects. The new car park is still being pushed at the moment along with the associated skills loops. We’re at the stage of trying to pull the funding together which is proving more difficult than was hoped. A number of funding applications have been submitted but are asking for extra information about the impact and benefits of improving the facilities. P.M.B.A. is working with Martin Colledge at Gisburn to submit a separate funding bid to Sport England for the skills areas. The Forestry Commission are still making encouraging noises though so provided we can get funding form other sources they’re still prepared to put some money in as well.

On the subject of car parking it’s now likely the pay and display meter will be up and running at Cocklett Hill early in the New Year. It’s taken a while as it’s installation was being done in conjunction with United Utilities and their car parks around Gisburn. It’s also hoped a temporary toilet block and better trail head signage will go in at the same time. Charges are likely to around the £3 mark with the proceeds going back into trail repair and extension (something we’ve seen the forestry guys do a lot of this year).

On a more positive note Hope’s contractors have been back in and work on the remaining section of the Hope line is progressing well. The very bottom section looked pretty much finished last weekend although there is still work to do to link it to the existing section which exits onto the fireroad. It’s obviously not yet finished so KEEP OFF and give it time to bed in before it’s ridden.

The XC trails has also been progressing well. We’re hoping to have the section we’re currently working on open around Christmas. There’s only about 20m of trail to dig out and then a load of surfacing materials to lay. Next dig day is Sunday the 13th of November. The more people out will mean the trail is open to ride sooner.

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