Right’s of Way Upgrade – Darwen

Published on: Nov 25 2011 by Jon Swift

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council are actively looking to improve the rights of way network on their patch and are currently working on gathering evidence to support an upgrade on a section of trail south east of Darwen.

Margaret Jones, a Public Rights of Way Officer is currently looking for people who have used this route and can provide feedback on a user evidence form which can be downloaded here.

She is currently trying to gather all the information she can about this track. In particular: 

  •  How and when the public have used it if they have 
  • Whether any gates, signs, cattle grids etc existed along the route, and if so when and where.
  • The width and surface of the track - if this has changed over time.
  •  Any information on the history of the track, people that or maintained it, what it was used for etc.

A track runs from Victoria Buildings, Waterside (SD 7138 2329) via Hole House ( SD 7202 2372) to Tower View, Belthorn (SD 7235 2409), a length of 1800m. The Council's record of footpaths and Bridleways ( the Definitive Map andStatement) does not show public access along the whole length although the majority does coincide with public footpaths. It is believed that until around the time of foot and mouth the track was used in its entirety as a walking route and may also have been used by horse riders and cyclists.

Around the time of the foot and mouth outbreak (2001) the field gate on the boundary of United Utilities land and that of Hole House (SD7203 2372) was locked and a stile installed. There was also a change of land ownership and signs were erected on the track between Hole house and Dick bridge, requesting walkers to stick to the recorded public footpaths and stay off the track.DarwenRoW

If this is on your patch and you ride it you need to get your evidence in to support the upgrade process. Information can be emailed to Margaret Jones quoting 'Victoria Buildings' as a reference. Bill Ould from Blackburn and District Mountain Bikers and P.M.B.A. has already submitted a detailed report on our behalf but the more evidence of individual use submitted the better chance we have of getting this section upgraded.

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