Hope XC Series Race 3 This Sunday the 2nd

Published on: Aug 30 2012 by Jon Swift

BBAfter the summer break for the series when some other “minor” sporting events were being held the Hope XC series is back with another edition in our 2012 series. Race 2 ran in demanding conditions at Lee Quarry but both the course and the 135 riders held up against the rain and wind and a great race unfolded.

As usual it is a new course design for race 3 with some new “off piste” sections to keep riders on their toes on the main course. The Hope XC Series is designed to allow riders of all standards compete and enjoy themselves so two courses are operated at the same time, the “Have-a-go” course threads its way through the quarry on a smoother less challenging route than the main course where riders are pushed hard on exciting descents mixed in with technical climbs and some cheeky “testing” sections.

The new 40+ and 50+ age categories are proving very popular and very fast with a high standard of racing in race 2. This “old enough to know better” generation are pushing the open categories hard and the series competition looks like it is going to be intense.

BrownbacksGenerous prizes (spot and placing) around all courtesy of our great sponsors. Hope Technology, Leisure Lakes Bikes, Big Bear Bikes, Cooksons Cycles, DHP 11, The Bike Shack (Haslingden), CRUD and BUFF for our marshalling team. That is all coupled with one of the best XC racing venues around. Check out our Youtube videoletshere to see what it’s like.

Not riding? Lee Quarry is a compact site and is great for spectators who can see the racing at many places during the event. As always we need lots of volunteers on race day if you want to get involved and support these events and the team get in touch via the website.

Race dates: 2nd September, 14th October. 

Keep checking the website www.brownbacksracing.co.uk facebook www.facebook.com/brownbacksracing and Twitter @brownbacks.

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