It’s been great guys , but Brownback’s next year may not happen!

Published on: Oct 11 2012 by Jon Swift

BBThe Brownback’s organising team are seriously feeling the strain and desperately need some new blood to keep the race series alive in 2013. The last race of the season is this Sunday but if we don’t want it to be the last race full stop a few more people need to step up and take on some of the work load. The following was posted on Singletrackworld this week. 

“It’s getting to that time of year when what’s going to happen next year gets sorted. In our case we won’t be able to put on an XC series in 2013. Why is this? Essentially we need a large group to share the load and to make sure that we can safely hold events in one of the most challenging venues around. We are all volunteers and as such have many higher priorities which we have been compromising since 2009. Unfortunately in 2013 it’s clear that we need new people (at least 3 or 4) to commit their time and energy to keeping this going.

A final decision hasn’t been made but at the moment we will not have a 2013 series.

If you want to change that then you need to step forward. Ideally you need to be local, reliable, prepared to stick to commitments and enjoy making things happen. It’s been great fun, very hard work, and I and the group are very proud of what we have done. The future is however in your hands.

See you on the trails.

Neil, Paul, Chris, Dave, Andy S, Andy M, Jason, Ric, Nic and Adrian*

*and everybody else who’s been kind enough to give their time over the last 3 years

A few people have already pledged support through the thread on Singletrackworld (which you can read here) but more people need to come forward. As with many things, P.M.B.A. included it’s the same few people who take on the lions share of the work. If you think you can help keep this fantastic race series running next year get along to Lee Quarry this Sunday and talk to the guys in person or failing that drop them an email.

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