It’s On, It’s Off, It’s On – Gisburn New Trails Opening

Published on: Apr 05 2013 by Jon Swift


The blizzard conditions put pay to the planned opening of the new trails on the 23rd of March, even if we could have got to the forest which was dubious we would have struggled to find the trails under the drifts. Well we’ve got it all rearranged with Hope and Mr Guy Martin and we’re going to have another go at officially opening the new car park, trails and skills loops.

Sunday the 14th of AprilOpening

The new car park and trails are already open to for business but we want to mark all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears (there were quite a few of the later) with a proper opening and to thank all the people and organisations that funded the latest developments.

Things will kick off around 10 am with free skills sessions, trail building demonstrations and a trail building olympics. At 11am Guy will officially cut something to open the trails.

The new ‘Hub’

Go left for the skills loop, go right for the new trails, or stop for a moment or two admire the views and put your lungs back in after the short but steepish switch backs up from the car park.
The new trail map. You can click here to download a .pdf copy. of the new trail map.

On a more sombre note the Hope Line has also reopened after the work to improve drainage and generally upgrade the line. Unfortunately a lot of people decided the closure didn’t apply to them and a combination of their selfishness and the hard frost we’ve had recently has meant the trail surface hasn’t consolidated properly. This means it’s riding ok at the moment but won’t be as durable or long lasting as was hoped. The repairs cost a fair few thousand pounds which isn’t easy to come by in trail building circles. Please, if a trail is closed stay off it, just because you might think it looks rideable doesn’t mean it is. Once there are tyre tracks in the gravel others will follow.

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