PMBA’s Third Anniversary

Published on: Oct 28 2013 by Jon Swift

LogoIt’s PMBA’s third birthday so it’s time for a review of what’s been done in 2013 and what we’re planning to do in 2014. For us 2013 has been a bit of a coming of age year. Our membership has increased significantly (if you haven’t joined yet it’ll take all of five minutes and cost you a fiver, you can even do it online) with now over 100 members. We’ve achieved a number of tangible on the ground projects, attracted funding of over ten grand and started the long process of getting some new projects off the ground. We’ve also become more comfortable with our role, and changed our name to reflect this (hence the subtle alteration to our logo).

We’re still just a bunch of volunteers meeting once every six weeks or so in the pub but with the support of our membership we’ve actually done quite a lot, and hope to do more into 2014. We’re always looking for additional people to take on key roles within the group and will once again be having an Annual General Meeting in the late spring when the five main committee posts (Chairman, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Events Officer) will be up for re-election. If you feel you can contribute either in a formal role or less formally by becoming part of the core team we’d be glad to hear from you. If you can’t spare the time then you can still support as a member. If you’re already a member, thank you, but don’t forget to renew your membership (which can also be done online). Whether you’re a member or not we always welcome your feedback, either contact us directly at or submit your comments for inclusion on any of the stories on the site.

Below is the introduction from this year’s members report, by Andy MacNae our Chairman. Members should already have received a copy by email but can also download it from the website. If you’re not a member and want to read the rest of the report you know what to do. We’re committed to keeping the local mountain biking community informed of what’s happening so the website will continue be open for everyone to view. There are some things which we’re not always in position to fully share over the open internet even though we’d like to be able to do so. We can however share the information on more controlled basis which is why PMBA members have additional access to some documents before they are made available to everyone. This limited sharing keeps our partners happy (it can be so easy to derail a fledging project in it’s early days) but is a is recognition and and thank you to those of you who have joined up.



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