PMBA Enduro launch 2018 dates

Published on: Dec 12 2017 by Kev


2018 Events

Limited information is out for the 2018 series, but please check back on for more information later this month



The Series starts out, as is tradition, at PMBA's most popular venue of Gisburn Forest. 5 stages are planned, 3 trail and 2 off piste. Priced at £43.50 and if past years are anything to go by will sell out in a few days from the entries being available. Round sponsor : Escape Bike Shop

We then head on to Grizedale for round 2, big elevation and technical stages are the norm here; expected to be the toughest of the one day events, priced at £49.50 to include car parking for race day.  Off piste trails with rocks and mud make this a good test of bikes and riders alike. Round Sponsor :  Grizedale MTB

The spring event season builds to the crescendo that is Graythwaite Estate;  set in 5000 acres of private land this is the big one.  100% off piste trails held over 2 days; a  scaled down version of last years Datatag National Enduro Champs we'll have new fresh stages to add to the awesome trails we have built over the past 2 years. This is a proper lakeland venue, even the transitions are tough (but not timed) expect push-ups to the start of stages. Also expect awesome views, a spectacular finish arena, with camping, "Surf and Turf" catering, showers, water & marquee with bar thanks to Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery. Priced at £75 it may be our most expensive event but the trails, views and facilities are worth splashing out on.
This is NOT a grass roots round, its tough and not suitable for a first enduro. Steep trails, a 4-5 hour loop and many stages (not as many as last years Champs that had 10, but more than our usual 5; probably 7 or 8). An Epic event by name, and nature it wont disappoint the hardcore riders, but will be fun and manageable by experienced enduroists and those who like a challenge alike.

After the summer break we head to Kirroughtree Forest, what the venues lacks in elevation it makes up for in deep luscious loam. Each year we return to find that the team from the Breakpad bike shop have built us new stages with virgin loam. We still reuse some classics, mixing trail and off piste sections for a selection that can be enjoyed by all, the stoke meter is always on high here.
A grass roots round that the fastest also enjoy, it has everything an enduro should have and has become an unmissable round of the PMBA Enduro series with many calling it their favourite.
Often racers will bring the whole family, as the idyllic camping area and permanent brick shower/toilet block gives a holiday vibe; enhanced by the smells from many BBQ's in the evening. A £43.50 entry and parking for £3/day or camping at £5/weekend you can see why many make it a weekend and camp. Late in the year, September is not overly problematic with the midges either - but still come prepared! Round Sponsor : Breakpad Bike Shop

The series final we return to a key PMBA Venue, Lee Quarry; the look also takes in Havok Bike Park.  This round is our adventure round, six stages over a 23 mile loop with big moorland transitions on the rights-of-way network connect Lee Quarry and Havok bike park; and we even manage to squeeze in a couple more stages on the way. Popular with DHers crossing over to Enduro with the stages at Havok and overall one of our most airborne enduro's for those that want air, while still being popular with XC crossover racers due to the natural singletrack loop and fully rollable timed sections. This really does have it all. Priced at £60 including parking. Round Sponsor : Cycle Factory

At the end of the year we will again be repeating the superb women only enduro in association with Hopetech Women;  subsidised by Hope Technology we bring you 3 trail centre stages for £35 in this taster enduro. The ideal place for your first enduro, you'll not be alone or intimidated here, the friendliest supportive vibe to ease you into enduro is what you will experience.


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