Lee and Cragg History

The first of the trails were developed in 2008 starting with the basic 4.5km red loop with a 1km black loop coming off the red half way around. The trails were designed by Dafydd Davis with the addition of the first skills area and some trials areas built with the help of Ali Clarkson. Short and sweet and very rocky probably summed up this initial phase of building which generated some great review in MTB press.

Lee Quarry Digger

In 2009 Rowen Sorrel got involved and added some of his signature flowing single track and berms giving us the rollercoaster section. 2009 was also the start of the Brownbacks race series and the first year the Singletrack Weekender was held in the quarry. Early 2010 saw further work on the trails adding new sections including the three descent lines in the middle of the quarry and the first of the pump tracks. 2010 also saw the openning of the trails in Cragg Quarry.

2011 finally gave us the link between the two quarries, the second pump track and even more drops and skills areas.

There's more planned for 2012, work has been underway to bring a further quarry, Facit, into the mix and plans are afoot for a proper trailhead and facilities at Futures Park. There's also plans to waymark a number of natural routes all starting from Futures Park getting riders out of the trail centre and into the surrounding hills.

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