Billinge Hill Unauthorised Trail Building

Published on: Jun 29 2011 by Jon Swift

No DiggingA open letter from Bill Ould, Chairman of Blackburn & District Mountain Bikers:

Dear Unauthorised Trail builder

I have been contacted by The Blackburn with Darwen Council who have had reported by members of the public that your trail build activities are causing a public nuisance.

What was reported.
A young lad was close to straying over the edge towards the lower quarry pond.
Rider crashed on jump, spilt out onto the track in front of a walker with dog.
Rider urinated in full view of passing public

What I have experienced and observed
I myself have ridden the trail and noticed your modifications do cause a problem since deviations have become more prominent that than the installed trail – even I was enticed into using one of your excursions. Then, you have used gravel for your constructions that is property of the Council and intended for our use in trail repairs.

In short there are potentially criminal and liability factors to be considered.

On the Good side
I’m very pleased you guys are on the hill and enjoying it but we need you on our side. We need you to help us police the very asset you have modified as this ruins it for others. There are all manner of serious things going on – defacing the signing, use of motorised vehicles. But it just might all be better than what we had before. We also recognise you have the initiative and to a degree the skills to construct and I’m sure we can direct you to put this to good use. Please accept this message as the hand of friendship. I represent B.A.D. Mountainbikers with the maintenance activity on the trail, but also P.M.B.A. We are working to represent all riders including freeride bikers – Cycle Junkies for example need trail builders, SingletrAction need the same – there’s lots to do in a positive way!

Meanwhile, dangerous side trails must be removed where the unwary might be led and get hurt. You are invited to assist us. Come and talk to me. Bill Ould

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