P.M.B.A. needs your support. We want to become the voice of mountain bikers in the Pennine area but without your support and input we can't do that. We need to know what's important to you, where you want the trails to be, what problems you're having on your local trails and what you want to make mountain biking better in our area.

Airtime!Why do I want to a become a member?

A couple of reasons really. If we are to be able to credibly represent riders rather than just be another disconnected pressure group we need people to actually sign up to what we're trying to achieve. A formal membership list of supportive riders will carry a lot of clout when we're lobbying for better access rights or chasing down elusive funding. We also need financial support, it costs to do almost anything. With a bit of support from you guys riding the benefits of what we're trying to do we can support the local volunteer diggers through tools, insurance and training to continue to build the trails. We can attract additional funding for new projects if we can match it with money of our own. Mountain biking is generally free (alright, except for the cost of the bike, gear, tools, spares and upgrades we all get sucked into) but to expand the opportunities further is going to cost.

What's it going to cost me?

The cost of a couple of inner tubes a year. £ 5 per year buys you an annual membership and puts much needed cash in our coffers. Of course if you want to donate more that's fine as too.

There are three categories of membership

  • Individual membership (currently £ 5 per year).
  • Club membership/affiliation (for clubs wanting to support our work, currently £ 50 per year) .
  • Corporate Membership (for companies who provide services to the mountain biking scene, currently £ 50 per year).

What am I going to get for my cash?

Individual members:-  the knowledge that you're actually putting a bit back into the sport we all enjoy. So many mountain bikers don't realise the efforts being made by those behind the scenes to maintain and an improve the access we currently have. You also have an established body with some access to the various powers that be to get your voice heard. If you've got a burning issue you want raising, get in touch and we'll see what we can do on your behalf. We're here to be the voice of mountain bikers.

In the longer term we're also hoping to be able to provide exclusive benefits for our members including things such as:

  • Access to exclusive events with some of the tops names in the riding world.
  • Bike maintenance training and guided rides from qualified riders.
  • Discounts from our corporate supporters.
  • Special website content.
  • First aid and trail building courses.
  • Discounts for events.

Corporate Members:- a good way to exercise your corporate responsibilty by supporting an organisation that is supporting your customers. The more we achieve the more mountain biking grows in the Lancashire and the Northern Pennines. In addition we'll provide links to your website and give your business prominence in our listing section above those that haven't contributed. We'll also list your business on the sponsors page.

We're open to sponsorship by any business but if you're directly involved with cycle retail, manufacturing, skills and training courses, accommodation and food catering specifically for mountain bikers we'd love for you to get in touch.

If you don't feel able to sponsor us with a cash donation but have another suggestion as to how you could support us please drop us a line to .


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