Manchester Mountain Bikers Become Founder Members

Published on: Jul 02 2011 by Jon Swift

MMBManchester Mountain Bikers are the latest group to become founding members of P.M.B.A. They have made a generous donation to the P.M.B.A fighting fund and join a prestigious list of local organisations who have banded together to develop the trails and riding in our area.

As PMBA has now been around for getting on for a year we felt it was about time to let people and in particular our sponsors know what we’ve achieved. We’ve created a report which you can download from the site here.

If you don’t have time to browse through the report we have managed a number of things in last year:

We’ve set up a website (obviously) and got an active Facebook group going to start to let people know we exist.
We’ve arranged two first aid courses so that volunteer diggers and ride leaders have the correct training to deal with trailside emergencies.
We’re supporting a number of funding applications and trying to get a number of new sites off the ground.
We’re trying to raise the voice of Mountain bikers through representation on local Access Forums and anywhere else countryside access is being discussed.
Supporting volunteer trial building at Lee Quarry and Gisburn Forest as well as putting insurance in place to cover other groups, especially those working on Lancashire County Council land.
In addition we’ve raised awareness of mountain biking generally and have started to network with a number of key groups including the Forestry Commission, Lancs County Council, SingletrAction, Brownbacks, a number of mountain biking clubs, local mountain rescue as well as commercial organisations. Looking forward we can see a number of exciting possibilities for new trails, a need to push to the access agenda harder and greater cooperation between the many diverse groups in the area. We still need support both in terms of members and volunteers to help directly with our work and on the various volunteer built trails in the area.

Singletrack weekenderWe’re going to be at the Singletrack Weekender next weekend some come over and have a chat, gives us your views of what you’d like to see us do, get involved.

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