PMBA at The Singletrack Weekender

Published on: Jul 12 2011 by Jon Swift

ST WeekenderLast weekend saw the third annual Singletrack magazine Weekender, this year sponsored by Shimano through their UK importers, Madison. We were there as well, did you come over and chat? Along side our sister organisation, SingletrAction we chatted to people (if they didn’t spot us coming and run off), signed up new members and handed out numerous copies of the new Lee & Cragg Quarry trail map.

The event followed the previous format of trails, downhill and XC racing all on the one bike with the same tyres. All intended to sort the best riders from the rest with no excuses about having brought the wrong bike, tyres, energy bars etc.

We got there early on the Saturday morning to find it a little windy, yes OK it is an open quarry on top of a high hill but it was windy even by Lee Quarry standards. It took Jon and Tom a fair while to get the EZ-UP kindly lent to us by Brownbacks Racing, into a prime location between Ride On and the butty van. Some key placement of the wheelie bins by Craig ensured no one else pinched our spot before we arrived.

Singletrack WeekenderHaving got the tent up we tracked down Tony Lund who had our freshly printed stack of fliers, maps, banners and T-Shirts. Right time to dress the stand we though, Rossendale weather had other ideas. Despite the forecast suggesting it would actually be dry all day the heavens opened and what had been a dry (fossilised!) river bed in front of us quickly returned to life as a three foot wide river again.

The sun did come out again though in time for the trials events and it was positively pleasant by the time the downhill started. It was with great reluctance that we packed up around seven in the evening just as the night time entertainment commenced including various beer fuelled riding activities and the customary bonfire. We’ll undoubtedly be back next year, we might even even compete!

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