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Published on: Jul 17 2011 by Jon Swift

PayPalAfter hours of messing around with PayPal accounts and Javascript (and drinking significant quantities of Java beans) we’ve finally got online membership working. If you’ve been waiting to join up digitally the wait (and excuses) are over. [NOTE – This New Website is fully integrated with PayPal for the memberships, and this story is now outdated]

To join up on line (or make a donation, or better still both) head over to the online sign up form. If you still prefer the traditional way of doing things you can now also use a paper membership form and pop it in the post. (See bottom of this news)

If you’re still wondering whether you should join here’s a few reasons why it might not be a bad idea:

It’s cheap, individual membership is currently only five pounds, that’s two inner tubes or one really bling one.
We need your support, if we’re to really speak for mountain bikers in the area we need to be able to show that people take us seriously enough to put their hands in their pockets. Next time there’s a cycling consultation exercise we want to be right in there with a bit of weight behind us. The more paid up members we have the more weight we’ll have with the powers that be.
You’re reading this website (obviously), you may have picked up one of the new Lee Quarry trail maps, you may have chatted to us at the Singletrack Weekender. These thing all cost, not a lot but enough. You’re membership fee helps keep this website hosted and gives us the petty cash to be able to produce information leaflets.
Corporate membership is also available for businesses related to mountain biking. If your business benefits in some way from Mountain biking in the Pennines it might be worth considering a corporate membership. For a low annual membership fee of £ 50 you can help to support an organisation working to expand the very thing your business depends on. In addition we will link our site to yours and give your business prominence in our links section which is currently under development. Help us to help you.

For more info on membership visit our Membership page.
Membership Form

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