Healey Nab Update & Dig Day

Published on: Sep 13 2011 by Jon Swift

HealeyNabThe guys at Healey Nab have arranged a dig day in preparation for planning a new line option off the lower black. James Hillman from the I Dig Healey Nab Trail builders and Tony Lund of Lee Quarry fame who now has responsibility for the trails at Healey Nab, met this week to review the state of the trails and plan out some new stuff.

James reported:

‘In general Tony is very pleased at the state of the trails (thanks to anyone who has done any maintenance!), the lack of litter and the number of people making use of the facility. He’s provisionally agreed to a new line in the lower black splitting after the bridleway crossing and rejoining near the bottom berm.
A few points to note before this can happen:

1) The red trail needs a good clear out. I know some of the lads hit a few bits of it and Adam and I cleared out the lower section in a couple of hours yesterday.

2) There a couple of dangerous borrow pits and hazards on the existing black which need to be cleared.Dig

3) I want anyone who’s interested there on the 24th so that people can have a say (those who can’t make it feel free to debate on here as to what you want to see). No building before then. The better buy in we can get to the exact line, style and features the less moaning we’ll have on here!

4) There is an oak tree near a partially constructed berm. We must not disturb the root structure of this tree.

If this goes well other things e.g. extending the table top, building an elevated start ramp at the trailhead and even a pump track are all possible…..

So if you’re free on the morning of Saturday the 24th of September get along and help with the repair work and have a say in the design of the new trails. Drop us a line to our contact email,contactus@pmba.org.uk¬†and we’ll pass your details onto the trail builders.

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