Stubbylee Park Pump Track

Published on: Mar 01 2017 by Sam Hopley

If you haven't heard, there's a new pump track opening near Lee Quarry and it looks fantastic!

Stubbylee Park is situated next to Lee Quarry and they have built an amazing pump track. It officially opens this Saturday 4th March 2017 at 1pm


stubby lee pump track poster V2



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  1. ALma Hinder says:

    I regularly walk my dogs in Stubbylee park and watched the new Pump track taking shape, I thought it was great and would be fantastic for bmx bike riders to come to the park to use it. Unfortunately on my regular walks I have seen it being regularly used by lots of kiddies on scooters, albeit the signs do say not to be used by scooters as this can damage the track. This morning 3 kiddies on scooters with mum sat on a blanket on the track having a picnic watching her kiddies scoot round. already signs of damage on the track. other days mums there with there little toddlers roughly aged about 3 years old on their little 2 wheel bikes playing on the track whilst mums running up and down the track taking photos, while a group of older riders are waiting to use the track but cant because of these toddlers riding up and down it. This cost 30.000 pounds to construct but I can see it being ruined very quickly by inconsiderate parents letting kidding use it when they should be using the scooter and skateboard track that is already in the park for this use.

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